A g e n d a   C i m b a l o m p i t
​more info about concerts? please send me sms/email

​fri 14th aug * 20h Duo Kefi at Spoken Word Evening Batjanzaal, A'dam East

sun 23rd aug * 15h Trio Lanyok at Niehove garden concert

sun 30th aug * 15h Trio Lanyok at Kerk Klein Wetsinge (Sauwerd, Gr)

sun 6th sep * 13-17h (3x30min) Trio Lanyok concert - struinen in de tuinen, De Streekweg 1, Den Andel


fri 11/18th sept * solo option Zandvoort

sun 20th sept * Trio Lanyok terrace concert at Kolektivo Tilburg

sat ..... oct * 16-18h Trio Lanyok at Philadelphia A'dam

wed 25th nov * participating at Catharina Parade Utrecht

mrt 2021 * Trio Lanyok at Marnehoes, Leens

postponed gigs, till t.b.a.:

sun 29th mar * Kefi Band at Podium Oost Utrecht  POSTPONED

sun 17th may * 16h Kefi Band (with guest) at Hoeve Overslot, Egmond-Binnen  POSTPONED

NEW at the Cimbalom Tutorial Page:

Szép a rózsám and Tico Tico

New! Chasapikos Fm played on piano

New clip! funky 26/8 by me and Dammor

Brazilian Choro band starting up in A'dam

my song 'Moods'

Kaneloriza with pics from Leipzig

NEW Livestream film on VIMEO account:



cimbalom / voice / violin / bass guitar

pit.hermans@yahoo.com   06-22034390

presentation Fusion project Marnix Busstra at Utrecht,Tivoli Foyer march 2020

december 2019: participated in tour of Ronley & Tim & Pavel

parody pic on gipsy cd covers (made by Jordan)

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